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Week in Review - January 28 - February 3

Updated: Feb 8

I'm a little late with this post but here we go.

We started out our week with a road trip to Highland County. We do this occasionally and always enjoy driving through the mountains and the beautiful scenery.

It was a cloudy day and it had rained hard the night before so everything was misty and gray.

We always stop at a couple civil war battle sites and Chris and Nathan had some discussions about strategy and how it must have been to be a soldier at that time in history.

After meandering all over the county we stopped at a diner for lunch. We've been here before and always like the food. Today was no exception, it was a delicious lunch.

My glasses broke a long time ago and I finally got new ones. I picked them up Sunday afternoon. It's nice to be able to see clearly again, but it has also been a bit of an adjustment. I may have to go back and get the frames adjusted because they are still hurting my right ear.

Michael had a busy week. He started out the week on Sunday helping with the baked potato bar youth fundraiser. This was to raise funds for a youth trip later this summer. Wednesday evening the youth group attended a basketball game and then got together at a youth leaders home for pizza afterwards. Thursday afternoon he volunteered at the Food Pantry. Then on Friday morning he went with a group from church to The Send in Tennessee. He got back from that Sunday evening.

My week was filled with kids.

We colored pictures . . .

. . . and played . . .

. . . and played some more.

And that sums up our week. It was a good one.

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