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Week in Review - Focusing on Learning, Warm Days, and More

This week I really focused on adding some fun things into the daily daycare routine. This group of kids is getting a little older and ready to take on some more learning activities. I think I had as much as they did - it's so rewarding to see them enjoy learning.


For our daily lessons we use a preschool curriculum called The Gentle + Classical Press. I bought the curriculum and from there pull out the pieces that best suit us. While there is more to our daily learning time than this, these are the five pieces I chose to focus on most this week. Each day we spent a little extra time on one of these subject areas.

Table time, a is for apple

A for apple with dot paint. I love dot paint because the kids get to enjoy paint and I don't have as big a mess to clean up.

Kids coloring

And then we did a little letter tracing. I thought the little ones did a pretty good job tracing the letters.

Tiger craft, preschool

A tiger paper puzzle was fun. And, even though we didn't quite go to ten we did get a little more counting practice in as we put this puzzle together. I couldn't find the glue sticks I was sure we had, so we made homemade glue/paste instead. This is what my mother used to make for my sister and I when we wanted to get crafty. It's simple - just flour with water added to make a smooth, sticky paste.

Tiger coloring page

And we colored these cute little tigers and traced the letters to spell the word tiger.

These skeleton coloring pages were so cute and not scary at all.

Frog lifecycle worksheet

Backyard chickens, preschool

We had some really nice days this week and took advantage of them to get some extra sunshine and fresh air. We visited the chickens one morning.

Preschool outdoor play

Climb, slide, jump - I'm sure they appreciated doing all these things without the constant reminders that we don't play that way on the furniture.

Children playing

Children playing ball


Hobby horse

Pitch and catch

Michael always enjoys when cousins come to stay a day or two.

Playing outside

Playing outside

I'm just so glad we got to enjoy so much time outside this week. It was so refreshing after mostly being inside in December and January.

Reading books

No matter how much time we spend outside we still always have time to read books.

Preschool playroom

And we also had some fun playing inside.

Michael hung some lines in the playroom for us to hang up the artwork and crafts the kids do. This way they get to have a part in decorating our playroom too.

Micheal has been busy again this week. On Sunday he traveled back from Tennessee with a group from church. They had gone to the Send, leaving on Friday and coming back on Sunday. Monday and Friday evenings he went to basketball games at the high school and got to hang out with friends there. Thursday afternoon he volunteered at the Food Pantry as usual.

Saturday evening we had family over for the evening. It was busy and so much fun and somehow I didn't get any pictures. But I'm sure we will be dong this again soon and I'll try to get pictures then.

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