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Week In Review - Family, Work and More - I Am Blessed

It's interesting to look back at photos from the week and see how the week unfolded. It's been a good week that started out with family time on Sunday.

family time, personal development plus

My brother and his wife and son came over for the evening on Sunday. We hung out upstairs, eating, talking, laughing and playing some video games.

Amanda loves to make things and asked me to go with her to MIchael's to look at beads, so we also did that Sunday afternoon. She found lots of beads that she liked. I was hoping to find some pictures or decor for upstairs but didn't find anything that I liked. But it was still nice to spend the time together.

This week I was craving homemade bread but had limited time (and honestly brain power) to make it. So I did a Google search for easy homemade bread and found this recipe that I felt I had the brain power and time to try. And I'm so glad I did! This one will definitely be a staple for us.

sourdough flatbread pizza, creative plus

I loved seeing Michael and Darla work together to make these sourdough flatbread pizzas for lunch one day.

Tuesday was a work from home day for Chris.

teacher plus

This set of building toys is a favorite right now. The kids loves when I made little people out for them, and they also like to sort them by size, color, or shape.

teacher plus

One evening Amanda brought out some of the bead collection for the kids to play with.

It's always fun when there are new big people to hang out with.

teacher plus

teacher plus

I like to watch the interactions between the kids as they develop friendships and learn to work and play together. It's also interesting to watch them use their imaginations.

When my brother stops in for a visit he doesn't sit still very long and volunteers himself for projects.

The conversations these two have keep me laughing.

I am so very blessed!

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