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Summer Fun - Wednesday July 19

You killed the author of life, but God raised Him from the dead. ~Acts 3:15

Here is another But God . . . verse that I love. I've been thinking about asking a question each day here on my little space on the internet and one of the questions on my list is "What's alive in you today?"

The author of life was killed but could not be made to stay in the grave. that same author of life wants to live in and bring life to each of us. Jesus says that He came not just to bring us life, but to bring it more abundantly. And when we have the Give of Life living within us we should be overflowing with life. How this looks in each of us is as individual as we are and it is valuable. It is valuable because it is rare and unique.

A way to rephrase this question might be "Where did I feel most alive today, most hopeful, most near God?"

As for me, my answers to that question would be when connecting with others in meaningful relationships, participating in children's learning and play, writing, learning something new, and working on planning my days in a way that makes the most of my time.

I'm including pictures on this post from the last three days. We're in the full swing of summer routine with lots and lots of outside time!

Kicking a ball around

Climbing, sliding and riding

And lots of jumping!

One of our science cards for this week is a lot honey bees so watched some videos about bees and how they make honey.

Who's hungry?

Michael's little gray kitten, named Gibbs is thriving and loves attention.

It's hot out here so I try to provide quiet play options in the shade.

We are learning about being attentive and listening.

Looking at books and listening to music

Here's a little snippet from this book that I am still slowly working my through.

Every time Jesus healed the sick or raised the dead He was demonstrating the absolute authority of God over the sun-atomic quantum world. Jesus confidently declared, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth!" (Matthew 28:18) This same authority that was conferred by the Father upon the Son has in turn been conferred upon the church by the Son of God. God has chosen to share this extraordinary privilege with all those who in Christ. Those who have faith in Christ have the opportunity to participate in the very works of Christ and to become co-workers together with Him to minister in the miraculous, but it is still Christ who does the works through His disciples.

pg. 238

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