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Sourdough Flatbread - Three Different Ways

I've mentioned this before in this blog but my current sourdough obsession is sourdough flatbreads. This is such a simple way to use up all the discard from the sourdough that I still haven't quite gotten the nerve to make into a loaf of bread. Actually, with my first sourdough starter I did make one loaf which turned out awful. Then I woefully neglected the starter, to the point where Jane Dough lived up to her name. I then started a new starter that is doing very well but I just haven't made another loaf of bread.

I will.


But what I have made is flatbread. The first couple of times I made sourdough discard Flatbreads I simply followed the recipe and didn't add anything to them. But the last time I had a lot of discard to use up so I decided to experiment a little. I looked at two different recipes, loosely followed them, mostly did what I wanted, and then added seasoning when I fried them.

Sourdough flatbread

To the first six flatbreads I added Everything Bagel seasoning when I rolled them out. I LOVED this one. I ate the first one fresh from the skillet and it was amazing!

Sourdough flatbread with French onion dip

I also tried one with French Onion Dip and it was okay but I think these are better just the way they are, with no additions. And I"m not sure why this picture makes the French Onion Dip look pink. It isn't.

For the next four I simply added Freeze Dried Chives.

Sourdough flatbread chives

Sourdough flatbread breakfast pizza

These become the crusts for breakfast pizzas and were a hit. I topped these Flatbreads with a thin layer of cream of mushroom soup, sausage, eggs, and cheese.

Sourdough flatbread pizza seasoning

And then finally, I added pizza seasoning to the last six Flatbreads. I had originally intended to add Italian seasoning to these but, as I was looking through my rather disorganized spice cabinet, I happened upon the pizza seasoning first and decided to just go with it.

Making sourdough flatbread pizza

We used these Flatbreads as the base for pepperoni pizzas for lunch one day and they were so good!

Here are the two recipes I looked at and loosely followed for these Flatbreads. In the past I've used milk as the liquid but this time I used water and they turned out just fine.

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