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Reflections in Life

As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart. ~ Proverbs 27:19

Today has been a busy one but it was full of fun. I hope you enjoy these pictures of some of the fun we had.

Feeding the dinosaur

Book time

Making phone calls

Oohhh look - a power tool!

Working in the kitchen

In the last post before taking a break from writing I said I would share some stories. I'm still enjoying and marveling at the stories each of us have to share and here is one I want to today.

One of the people I met at the Prayer Room was an older gentleman who had been in active combat in the military. (The above picture is not him but is a stock photo that reminded me of him.) As a result of injuries and chemical exposure, as well as the mental trauma combat inflicts he struggled to successfully navigate life when he left the military. Depression, recklessness and physical, mental and emotional pain was his daily life. But a Dr visit where he was told he had maybe six months to live was his wake up call. He decided he wanted his life to mean something and he committed to God that He would serve Him for whatever amount of time he had left. That was four years ago and not only has his health improved since then but he is off all medications except for Ibuprofen when his body begins to ache from old wounds. He has begun working with others to bring changes to national policy regarding veterans. And, as I will share in another man's story (probably next Monday) he is making a positive difference in the individual lives of others as he shares God's love.

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