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Five Minute Friday - Far

I'm writing for Five Minute Friday and this week's prompt is - Far.

When I think of the word far I think of how far I still want to go in life. There is so much that I want to do and see, so much that I want to accomplish and experience.

But I also think of how far I have come. From the scared, scarred, and unhappy person I used to be I have come a very long way. And I thank God for how far he has brought me.

And, seeing how far he has brought me already gives me the confidence that He will also continue to take me places. This is an exciting thought and I am looking forward to seeing the places He will take me, the destinations He has in mind for me.

It has been, is, and will be an amazing journey!

Will you join me on the adventure?

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maturity helps tons in the journey doesn't it? visiting from FMF22


Yes! God is faithful to guide us as we seek Him.


Kathy Dye
Kathy Dye
Jan 26

Walking with God is an adventure you won't regret!


I love your adventurous spirit and your perspective on God's faithfulness in your life!

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